Build an eCommerce with Django from scratch to deployment

Learn Django from scratch to deployment by creating a real world ecommerce web application with Bootstrap and Stripe payment gateway.
One of my friend has created this course and I found it well explained and fast paced. It has almost everything to start making real world websites with Django. As you know that its a project oriented course so your project may need some additional 3rd party depending on the requirements. However as a beginner level course this has everything to push you into production.
It covers the in a project oriented way

  • Routing
  • Views
  • Templates
  • Database
  • Django Admin
  • Django ORM
  • Database model relationships
  • Mail sending
  • Static files handling
  • Media upload handling
  • Django RBAC (Role-based Access Control)
  • Mail Testing
  • Stripe payment gateway integration
  • Multi vendor ecommerce architechture
  • User authentication
  • Deploy to cloud
  • Multiple file upload 

I would appreciate if anyone take a quick look at Build an eCommerce with Django and provide feedback if any.
Thank you.
Happy Coding