Django and MIT Appinventor

Good morning. I am building a Django project and i was wondering if there is an easy way to connect it to an android app built with MIT Appinventor.

I don’t like to use a web app on the phone, i like more a “True” app.

I am not an android developer, so the MIT tool is the fastest way to create an android App.

There is a way to do that?

(italian native language, sorry for my english)

Django itself works with an HTTP Request/Response cycle. “Something” (browser, program, app, etc) issues an HTTP request to your server. Django receives that request and returns a response. That response can be pretty much anything - HTML, JSON, text, PDF, whatever.

So if MIT Appinventor allows you to issue HTTP requests to a server and do something useful with the response, then yes, they’ll work quite well together.

I would love to see this, when you get it running.
One thought I have, how will you test when you are in development with Django locally? I am asking because my first thought is since MIT AI is on the web, the request will come from their ip to your local machine. How is that done?