Django Documentation in Español

Greetings Django community,

I’m new here and have gone through the tutorials in the documentation. The documentation is amazing and I’ve learned a lot in the past few weeks.

Over the past few days, I’ve looked over the same documentation in Spanish and have found it to be incomplete. For example, there are entire pages with portions never translated into Spanish. I’ve also found areas where references to the third part of the tutorial should include a link but in the Spanish documentation, it doesn’t.

I would like to help finish translating the Django documentation that way whenever someone requests the Spanish version they get a complete translation. Where do I go to begin helping out in this? Would it be through a pull request on Git Hub?

Thank you

Welcome to the Django Community!

Briefly, to directly address your key question, yes. Your documentation submissions would be via pull requests.

A really good place to start is the Contributing to Django page.

Also, you’ll probably want to pay particular attention to the Writing Documentation page.

It might not hurt to check the current issues to see if there’s one (or more) issues already identified for this.

Carlton Gibson (@carltongibson), one of the Django Fellows and all-around good guy, is extremely helpful and is ready to provide assistance should you run into any problems.

(And, there are a few others of us hanging around here as well that can try to help when necessary. But at some point, when you’re ready to submit your work, I believe you will be working with Carlton.)


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To contribute to the Django documentation translations, please head to as explained here:


Thank you Ken! I will make sure to read the Contribution guidelines and the writing documentation. Things are well written around here and I wouldn’t want to mess that up even if it is in a different language.