django forum navigation pane missing method to create post

Hi folks,

I logged into the Django use forum to do some research on some questions and perhaps post a question if I didn’t find any answers. I found myself on a page like this:

After doing some browsing and not finding an answer to my question I decided that I would post a question. However, I didn’t see how to create a post. How does a user post from the view of the forum shown in the picture above?

I obviously figured out how to create a post but it seems a bit backward the way that I did it: I opened a new browser tab and navigated to the Django home site, found the F.A.Q page and section for finding help and opened the link to Using Django which took me here. Is this how it is supposed to work or did I miss something?



Welcome @vanderzielj !

When you’re looking at a topic, then your only option is to reply to the topic.

If you want to create a new topic, click on the word “django” on the menu bar. That will return you to the forum home page. (Or on the letters “dj”, if you’re scrolled down far enough that the menu bar is showing the title of the topic instead of the normal menu.)