First Project | Code Review and having an issue with it

I have done my first Django Project.
It contains two CRUD operations, 4 Apps, users registration/recovery system, caching, solved N+1 Problems and more (One can see in the file)
It also have one REST App mainly to show I know DRF.

Would like to hear what you think about it and If someone want to code review it - I will be appreciate it.

But, I have an issue with it:

  1. I’m ambivalent about it.
    Does it considered as too small to show knowledge in Django ?

I wanted to build a Django Project, before starting applying to companies, but not sure how it will be grasp by others …
Is it enough ?
Im not sure if to build a new Project or expanding the exists one ?

The Project code:

The file is pretty good explanation about it.

Thank’s !

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