From Concept To Live In Two Weeks With Django

I wrote about my recent experience using Django to build a mobile web app for a local nonprofit in my community for a virtual hackathon. I thought folks might be interested to read about my experience. The article is at

We built and anyone who want to look at the code can find it at


Very cool website, I was impressed. In fact, it gave me some cool ideas which I’ll try and implement in my website down the track.
I like your comment about WordPress. One of the reasons why I decided to teach myself Django was because I want to make web-sites, but I don’t want to use WordPress. At the time, I wanted to learn new tech, and it was a toss up between learning the word-press loop, and PHP, or something cooler. :smile:

Good on you btw for helping out charities.

Thanks. I’m glad it can be a source of inspiration for others.

Yeah, WordPress is a really solid tool, but it’s not the best fit for everything. I think Django is a good next step up when you need more control over what an app must do.


Beautiful looking site, and quick as a grasshopper :slight_smile: Thumbs up!

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