Have Solved 80% of auto_importing Shell feature


I’m Ammar Munir, a Django Backend Developer from Pakistan. I regularly share insights on Django features and backend development tips on LinkedIn, accumulating over 10M+ post impressions. I seek your guidance for contributing to GSOC 2024 at the Django community.
I believe I’ve made significant progress, addressing approximately 80% of the issues related to implementing the auto_import shell (for now it just work for python plain shell) feature in the Django web framework. To validate my work, I’ve shared a video showcasing the feature in action, without relying on any third-party libraries or tools.
I am eager to contribute to the Django community and refine my feature with the assistance of experienced seniors.
I am totally beginner and don’t have any idea how to submit proposal TBH :grinning: , guide me so I can grap this great opportunity.
I just wrote 70 lines of extra code to achieve this feature, which i believe can be more optimized with the help of great mentor. :blush:

Thank you for your consideration.

Ammar Munir

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ammar-munirr
GitHub: Ammar-Munirr (Ammar Munir) · GitHub
Video Link: django_shell Ammar.mp4 - Google Drive

Hi Ammar

Please can you share your work in a draft pull request on GitHub? It looks like a good start.

I am not a fan of spamming the console with all the import statements. I would prefer we don’t copy that feature from django-extensions. Instead, we could have a single-line message stating how many things were imported.



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Hello Adam,

Well Thank you Adam for your response, It took me a couple of days to figure out how shall_plus and shell behave, but I finally nailed it. I didn’t just copy and paste code, :grinning: I actually wrote it myself, using some cool features in Django. I’m planning to submit a pull request, so feel free to check out my code when you get a chance. Further as per your requirement instead printing the whole import statements, yes we can also print one line of print statement.

Thank you,
Ammar Munir

Submit the draft pull request feel free to review my code :blush:

I :heart: extensions’ shell_plus. (shout out to extensions folks!)

One of the things that I love about it is the ability to configure how it imports.

Eg My team appreciated the ability to tell it to add all our model factories (as in factory boy) via “additional imports”

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Yeah I also really love that feature of shell_plus, once I got selected for GSOC 2024 at Django, I decided to add that feature to Django itself without using any extra tools or libraries.

Hello, I am new to here. I am interested in this task. I am new to GSOC, so I am happy to follow or assign any task that you need me to do.