How to add file model to the project

hello guys please help me to add (File Uploads) model to my project i can’t go ahead with tutorials please type code or something
i’m new in programming world and start with python (django) Help >3

If you’re new to Python and programming as well as Django, there’s not much you can do to short-circuit the learning curve. It’s going to take time and effort on your part to be able to build what you want to build. I generally recommend starting with the Python Getting Started page.

If you’re just looking for some Django knowledge to get started, I always recommend the official Django Tutorial and the Django Girls Tutorial . Both are really good and if you work through them, you’ll have worked with all the key concepts of what Django has to offer.

Once you’ve started working through the various tutorials, we’re here to help you by answering questions and making suggestions, but it’s unlikely you’re going to find too many people here willing to do your work for you.