Is Django Participating in GSoC 2024?

Hi, this may be too early, but is Django planning on participating in Google Summer of Code in 2024?

I’ve applied to be a contributor to Django for the last two years with no luck, so I was hoping my third time would be the charm :slight_smile:

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I believe the plan is to apply yes. That opens at the end of Jan though.

Good luck this year!

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May I know on what project’s Django will be working in GSOC 2024?

It’s too early — applications aren’t even open yet! :sweat_smile:

i assure you that i myself am trying to understand more about this GSOC djnago story and others. for the moment i am sailing in the ocean :sweat_smile:.

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Yes @carltongibson , but I was just curious to know what can be the possible projects!