Request to join Uyghur (Latin) translation team

I’ve send the request on transifex, but no one replied for a long time ( more than a month so far).

Uyghur is an Eastern Turkish language with 8-11 million speakers ( according to the wikipedia) widely in countries like China, Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, … etc.

And Uyghur language can be written in three different variants,

  • Uyghur Arabic
  • Uyghur Latin
  • Uyghur Cyrillic

Uyghur Arabic is widely used in XUAR, while Cyrillic is used mainly in Central Asia, Uyghur Latin is widely used among the oversea Uyghur communities all over the world.

I don´t know what is the problem with translations. I have tried to collaborate with Latinamerica Spanish translation and I never receive an answer.

If a request is not answered after several weeks, it’s the right thing to come here and ask what to do, which is also dependent on the fact the team seems active or not. Uyghur doesn’t look very active currently, so you might ask to become the new coordinator, so as future join requests may be answered in a reasonable time. Are you interested in becoming the new Uyghur coordinator, and commit yourself in making substantial progresses to the translation coverage of Django in Uyghur?

I don´t know what is the problem with translations.

The problem is it’s not easy to manage translation teams. Either you automatically accept anyone in any team and (probably) completely lose control on the translation quality, or you depend on good will and availability of volunteering coordinators. In an ideal world, inactive coordinators should come and inform us that a new coordinator should be found, which… almost never happens. So…

I don understand that, of course, but at least in my experience this has about three years, I mean if this is not working why not made a public call in order to have new coordinators?.

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I would love to be the coordinator for Uyghur, to make progress and introduce it in near future to the Django (currently it is not shipped with Uyghur).

Thanks! We still need your transifex username. Then, when you’ll reach the 100% threshold, please ping us again and we’ll work on including Uyghur as an official Django language.

My username there is azataiot

My previous account was for work, so I created this new account for Django, and I will contribute here with any other potential contributor for the Uyghur language.

My impression is most of the translation work is done by a (very?) small number of volunteers per language. And for most small translation fixes, the bug reporter doesn’t need to be a member of that language team on Transifex - it can be handled with bug reports, Transifex messages or emails (or pull requests somehow?). We don’t need huge teams of mostly inactive people – what we do need is a very small number of responsive maintainers (typically one?) per language. Since we often don’t have that, we need a procedure to make it easier for new people eager to help, to not have to wait months to be allowed to contribute to a language without a responsive maintainer.

I would suggest moving the discussion about inactive coordinators in a separate thread.

We are currently workin on the translation, and also invited others to work on the translation. It would be great if you could also add Uyghur Latin (ug@latin) to the language lists, thanks !

Which is used along with Uyghur Arabic in modern web, espacially in the context of computer science and technology.

It is a latinized variant of Uyghur Arabic (Which is already exists in the platform, as ug) and easy to use in the web as it is:

  1. based on latin letters
  2. uses LTR direction as many other languages do.

New language accepted. Will you be that team’s coordinator, too?

Yes, and We have another person, I will also make him coordinator later and he will responsible for that too.

Will it be possible for the language “Uighur@Latin” to more officially accepted and used one “Uyghur @Latin” ?

Currently it is written as : Uyghur, and Uighur Latin and they are not consistent. So better name would be Uyghur Latin. Thanks,

Reference: Uyghur Latin alphabet - Wikipedia

I’m afraid that the language name is a Transifex thing, so you should report that issue to them instead. In Django, we’ll use the name you will suggest.

Thanks a lot and I will contact with them.

The Uyghur (ug) translations have now been completed at 100%. We would greatly appreciate it if Django could incorporate support for Uyghur (ug).

Since this is the inaugural version of the translation, there may be potential errors, spelling mistakes, or instances of ambiguity. This is primarily because we have not yet observed the translation in its actual Django context. Nonetheless, we are committed to continually updating and improving our translations.

Additionally, we are in the process of developing translations for Uyghur Latin (ug@Latin) and anticipate its readiness for use in the near future.

Thank you!

Awesome, congrats!

The next step is to add Uyghur as a supported Django language (will be for Django 5.0). Would you like to try submitting a pull request for that? You can get inspiration for example from this commit: Added Central Kurdish (Sorani) language. · django/django@08303f4 · GitHub

Thank you for the example you provided. I’ll review it and submit my response shortly.