Stale msgids in valid translations

I looked in to how to solve this in transifex but it doesn’t seem like i can do anything without joining the a team and it seems to be an issue in multiple languages.

Here is the issue:
Some msgids changed apostrophe and now there are bunch of broken messages with present translations.

Issue only talks about Lithuanian but there seem to be ~30 translations with broken id’s and half of them have translations

That’s why language teams have coordinators that are supposed to periodically (once every 8 months) check and update changed messages in their translations. Once a language is fully translated, it takes ~20min. to update for each Django release. I don’t think it’s a tough task, but many coordinators simply disappear without even telling anyone. If Transifex wouldn’t prevent removing a coordinator without adding a new one, I would have removed all coordinators for stale languages.

Is this fixable. What should we do here?
I really only care about the Lithuanian but it would be nice to update fix all of them.

Regarding the coordinators i have no clue about the process. But for me it seems weird that you can break existing (working) translations with source change when it’s a question of string replacement.

You should join the Lithuanian team (or ping a team member) and complete the translations.

I really hoped there is some way to fix all of them.
I sent a request to join Lithuanian team.

Would you mind confirming my request to join Lithuanian team. It’s been pending for 3 days now.

Done! Happy translating!