Request to join Portuguese translation team


I am a Portuguese Developer, and i use Django Auth at one of my projects, and i have found some messages were missing translations.


msgid "Your password can’t be a commonly used password."
msgstr ""

To see the whole file: django/django/contrib/auth/locale/pt/LC_MESSAGES/django.po at main · django/django · GitHub

I have searched for tickets about this and i have found none. So i wanted to fix it myself. I already sent a request to the Portuguese team at transifex. I am new to this, and not sure if this is the correct way to report it, or to claim a ticked for doing it, so if there are any team member who could help me i would be most thankfull!

No need to create a ticket, Transifex is the right place to target. If you don’t get any answer in two weeks, then write again here.

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