The best resource for django and ...

Hello, I hope you are well
I just entered the world of Django and wanted to ask what is the right source

And the second question is that I just installed the Ubuntu operating system (version 20.04) and after installing I saw that in some places the screen turns on and off very quickly
For example, when I watch a full screen movie on YouTube, the screen turns on and off very quickly every few seconds.
I have searched a lot but i can’t find a correct answer

thank you

It’s always best to start with the official site.

Regarding your video question, that doesn’t have anything to do with Django. I suggest you find an Ubuntu-related support forum or a forum for your particular hardware. You’re not likely going to get a whole lot of help for that here.

ok thanks for your help

This site teaches Django from the basics to any layman - - my first framework in any language - after using PHP without a framework for 15+ years ! Give it a shot.