Third party package for GSOC ?

Hello, I’m Bryce.
I wanted feedback on whether a third part package that allows staff users to view the error/exception template views for last X exceptions occurred, during production (when the debug=False), as if debug was True. In other words: a package that could be called django-procduction-debugger.
This would allow the developers to debug any exceptions experienced by end-users more easily with more descriptive views errors than just internal server error. It could also include an alert system for some threshold of exceptions.

I think this would be useful, I myself could’ve used this. I know a few friendly Django developers who agree. I would like your input on the same.

Also, would this be a good GSOC proposal, if i were to further develop on this basic idea?


Django already has a facility for emailing one or more people all the details of an exception when they occur. See Email reports for more information on this. I’m not saying it’s necessarily a bad idea, only that it effectively duplicates an existing process that is already in Django

I’ll let others decide whether or not this is suitable for GSOC.

Having used these Email reports myself in production environments, I understand where you’re coming from. However, I have found that emailing errors to admins is not always the most efficient way to report errors especially when a lot of developers are involved and responsible for various parts of the project, and not to mention the spam it tends to create, if the admin email isn’t specifically meant for these errors. This is something that could have a lot of added helpful functionality, perhaps web hooks that could report to even platforms like discord when a particular error is encountered or when too many errors are reported.

I think it would just be nice to have this, even if its not a requirement. (It would even get rid of a slight annoyance, on a personal front.)
Nevertheless, I appreciate your input. @KenWhitesell

I think this would not be appropriate for GSoC. Thanks,