Tutorial On Windows 10

I’m trying to follow the tutorial below on Windows 10.


I verified my Django installation (3.05), verified my python installation (3.8.2), and checked my paths. When I get to the step to start the webserver (py manage.py runserver), nothing happens. No error, it just goes to the next command prompt. Anything else I can check? Thanks!

First, from the command prompt try running just “py”.
It should put you in the python shell. If it doesn’t, then there’s something fundamentally wrong with your python installation.

If it works, then just run py manage.py.
This should give you the listing of known management commands. If it doesn’t, then there’s something wrong with your Django installation or configuration.

If everything is good so far, then I would check the Windows EventViewer to see if there are any errors in it - you could have some sort of conflict or problem with either some kind of anti-malware or firewall that is causing windows to prevent it from running.

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Appreciate the response. I was getting no response on the manage.py command so I went back and reviewed the installation. I had skipped the step of installing virtualenv because they said it was not mandatory. After installing this though I am able to get past this step. Thanks for your help.