Using InMotion to host Django project

has anyone ever deployed a Django project to InMotion (CWP)? I cannot find anything online. Thank you.

Have you try this: Install Django 4 on Control Web Panel | InMotion Hosting

But as you can see, this kind of hosting is not popular in the Django community.

Thank you.
Yes, I tried this. It will create a new app, but falls over on migrate, as the version of sqlite (which I didn’t want to use anyway) is out of date.
I already built the app in gitpod - just want to deploy it. I gave up on Heroku as that just seems to get more and more random …

I tried a couple of app services in the past. In my opinion they doesn’t worth the effort and all they are leaky abstractions. I think is better to take the time, make some deep work and learn a Linux distribution and how host an app in that environment. It could be a few difficult at beginning, but you earn a valuable knowledge in an wonderful, versatile and cheaper platform.

With PAAS, when something fails, usually are strange errors that ends with you changing your code for something that is not bad at beginning.

All that said I don´t mean this platforms are useless, but I think they would be better target in some specifics apps, like CMS´s, or you need to develop you project thinking in the service you will use.