What next after exploring?

Hey I have read the basic documentation and many tutorials on all different aspects of Django such as form, authentication etc. and I have a basic idea of how it works. My doubt is whether I should have any other pre requisites that I need to know before I start contributing to Django. If so what are they?
I am proficient in python and I have used Django in deploying my web frameworks.
I would really like the advice of the community.

See the answers at: New to The community
and Contribution in Django

Hey, I’m Ahmad Abdallah, one of last year’s GSoC students for Django.

First and foremost, the only two necessary prerequisites for contributing to Django IMO are experience in Python and a huge willingness to fail, reiterate and learn. (Even the former could be bridged by the latter).

Don’t be intimidated by the project ideas listed in the Wiki page, and don’t be intimidated by the seemingly endless topics of Django. Just pick an idea, try implementing it yourself, and start thinking about why it isn’t working and what you can do to fix it. When you do that, you’ll find yourself lacking knowledge in some important area, then you start researching and reading documentation because now you have a tangible goal of what you need to learn to get to the next point.

Don’t stress over whether you’re ready or not, stress over whether you’re solving a problem you’re interested in or not :slight_smile:. Once you have a problem you’re interested in, just focus on solving it, and everything else will fall into place by itself.

If you want a mini-version of the above, try finding an easy picking ticket on Django’s issue tracker or just a ticket in general and submit a patch for it. You’ll learn a lot while doing that.

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Ok thank you so much. Will definitely find a ticket to work on.

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