Wordpress to python

Wordpress may be popular but these days even on a cloud or VPS server is getting very heavy and long loading time.
Is there any easy to migrate and change my WordPress website to python using django.

That’s a bit of an “it depends” type of question. It depends upon what sort of WordPress plugins you’re using, and how many of them are involved.

It’s also going to depend to some degree on how close in functionality you want to come to your existing site.

It also depends upon what you are willing to consider “easy”. WordPress is designed to allow you to do 95+% of everything you would want to do through the web. Django isn’t designed or built like that. It requires some degree of proficiency when it come to building, deploying, and maintaining a site - it’s not a “zero-admin” product.

If you’re looking for something automated or automatic, as in “run this script and your WordPress site is now running on Django”, then no. It is going to take some work. You might want to start with one of the pre-existing Django-based CMSs such as Wagtail or Django CMS. But it’s still not going to come close to “plug-n-play”.