Can there be a DevStack for Django?

Hi all,
Can someone create a devstack like and DevKinsta – Your Free Local WordPress Development Suite
it will attract a lot of developers, esp small and medium size startups to try django.

Django is not WordPress. They target different audiences. The techical requirements for each are very different.

Can it be done? Probably. Would it be useful or worthwhile? That’s where I would have my questions.

You can do pretty much everything you want to do in Wordpress without ever leaving the web-based UI. The same is not true in Django.

Probably about the closest you’re going to come are either the Django conda packages or a docker container.

But Why not?

Whats wrong if Django/CMS be a clone of Wordpress?
Its just like Wordpress in Python thats it, it will pull a lot of python developers to start using Django
and also it will pull a lot of PHP developers to switch to Django

isnt it good for Django/Python?

Theres a lot of hosting providers like Godaddy, Wpengine, getflywheel offering hosting optimized for wordpress

but i could not find not even one hosting provider providing managed django hosting service

you may think, django developers know how to host themselves.
but small, medium agencies dont want to spend too much of time in hosting

if django community can promote “managed django hosting” by listing hosting partners, lot of small businesses will benefit from it

There would be nothing wrong if that were true. But your assumption here is fundamentally wrong - that the two are sufficiently similar architecturally to make it possible.

They need to. The level at which a Django installation integrated into the underlying architecture is different than that for Wordpress, et al.

But there aren’t any. Django just doesn’t work that way - that’s the point. Somebody needs to do the work to properly deploy Django. Services like Heroku get you close, if you can work within the limitations that exist there. But a proper Django deployment takes effort that somebody needs to perform. You either do it yourself or pay someone else to do it.

I think the closest thing you’ll find is Wagtail, but even then it’s not purely out of the box. You’re still doing active development and managing a large portion of the stack. Services | Wagtail CMS

From a developers point of view its completely different systems
From a non-developer point of view its a website/application framework which helps to do something

luckily there is, Wagtail Hosting provides hosted django site
so i dont need to worry a lot about setup/installation issues etc

Just build on it…
Thanks @CodenameTim

I still need wagtail and other providers to improvise their offerings like
kinsta and

Yes, it is…

with wordpress i can build website, web applications
with django i can build websites, web applications
and so yes, it is…

Thats the point, the Wordpress is build with that intent
Where anyone can use Wordpress for anything with or without dev/code skills

Thats what im aksing, why not Django too take that route
it will take time, lots will change, eventually it will get a billion users

Again, this is for developers…
Wish there could be something for non-developers as well

But Django’s “market” isn’t “non-developers”. If you’re going to use Django, you’re going to be a developer.

Wagtail != Django. Wagtail is a product built on top of Django. If that works for you, great. But it is not a generalized Django hosting platform.

Uh, no.

The logical error here is called one of “False Equivalence”.

By the same logic:
A bicycle is a wheeled vehicle. I can carry a person and equiment on it.
A pickup truck is a wheeled vehicle. I can carry a person and equiment on it.
Therefore, a bicycle is the same as a pickup truck.

Obviously, that line of reasoning is flawed.

If you’re developing in Django, you’re a developer. Django is not a system for non-developers.