Your Favorite Django Web App Code Base(s) to learn from

One way to increase your Django proficiency is to peruse high-quality code written by other people. To help everyone learn, I’d love to see a list of everyone’s personal favorite, high quality Django codebases (web apps). Please mention why you like the code base and the scale of the project, all of which are important for context (e.g. web-scale vs. personal projects will require different trade-offs). If you particularly like even one part of a Django web app, that would be great to hear as well.

I’m new to Django, so I can’t wait to read all the delightful Django code in everyone’s lists. If we get enough suggestions, I’d be happy to create a git repo, so we can curate the list.

I think there are two project that could help to learn a lot about Django , one is the Django source code it self, because it has many “Django Apps” that teach good practices and all the features of Django, those include Admin, Sites, Forms, Auth, Session, etc. Other very good sample is Wagtail CMS.

I hope this helps.

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