FLOSS and linguistic diversity

Thoughts on linguistic diversity in FLOSS, arising from the Italian translation of the Django documentation.


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Thanks for this nice article Paolo! You put into words what I’ve been thinking lately.

4 days ago Roberto, also from Argentina, posted in the forum and I left this as a PD:

Could I answer in spanish, which is my native language? Maybe that’s a question for another post.

While my question is not directly related with your post, it made me ask myself, “What if other people can’t benefit from this answer?” or “Should we have a paralell forum for spanish questions?”. Related article on the Portuguese version of StackOverflow

Obviously, we are a minority so I’m not sure the paralell forum is worth the effort.
I got used to English but, as you said, that’s not the case for everyone.

Last year, I joined an initiative to translate Python docs to Spanish and we made it to the official site. :tada:
Maybe we should try to do the same with Django translation on Transifex, which is not so difficult to use.

This is by no means a compliant to the people around Django docs, I just wanted to share the feeling.

Best regards!

Thanks Marco for your very interesting feedback.

I’m very happy to know that other people share my thoughts about linguistic diversity in this community.

I hope also that also other members can understand better this point of view of being part of the Django community and maybe they can care more about others not-english speaking members.

P.S. in the meantime the Italian version of the Django documentation is online


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