I built a YouTube playlist manager with Django and YouTube Data API V3

Hello all, I built my first full-fledged Django application called UnTube, which is a YouTube playlist manager. My motivation behind building UnTube was because YouTube did not directly support bulk playlist operations like deletion, or even moving videos from one playlist to multiple other playlists, and many more other features which would have been useful for an individual trying to manage an ample amount of playlists.

I built the front end purely using Bootstrap5 and htmx (I fell in love with htmx). I have written more about the application and my process on GitHub. I would really love to hear some feedback about all aspects of the application from how the front end looks, how the features are, backend code (it is messy), any improvements or suggestions for new features. Thank you for your time!

I dont know if I can comment your code, as I am fairly noob in Django, but I would love to try the tool :+1:

I tried it. It imported no playlists from my account…?

Oh and btw the “confirm delete account”-toggle doesnt actually ask me to confirm.
Please message if you can figure out what went wrong as I would really like to use the tool. :slight_smile:

Hi, could you elaborate on what happened when you clicked the import playlists button?

The ‘Confirm before deleting’ toggle only asks you to confirm before you try to delete any videos from the playlists. It doesn’t work on the ‘Delete untube account’ button.

I click login with google.
I click on import.
It goes to 100% and 0/0 playlists imported.
I click continue
next page " 0 playlists from YouTube have been successfully imported."

Ok. Thank you for clearing that up.

That leads me to think you have no playlists created in that specific Google account you logged into UnTube with. Could you please confirm if there are any playlists created in the account you logged in with?

Does it only count my videos?
I have a Django playlist and a Python playlist with other peoples videosin it

It only counts the playlists that you own and tries to import them if you have any. Are the two playlists you mentioned owned by you?

Yes they are my playlists but not my videos

Well done sleepytaco!
This project can be very useful since the youtube playlists are a disaster. However when I wanted to log on to the site using google, I got a message saying that google hasn’t approved this app and it cannot be trusted. You might want to resolve this issue.

… Mine still not working :worried:

Hmm, I am not quite sure what could have gone wrong then. Could you please email me at bakaabu99@gmail.com? We can chat about fixing your specific issue over there.

Glad you liked it! I plan on writing an API for public playlist stats (to build a chrome extension that shows statistics like playlist duration on youtube.com) and have been thinking of some new features to add to the site, so I figured I’ll look into getting rid of the ‘unverified app’ screen alongside that (not anytime soon, unfortunately). As of now, I made the code for the app public on my GitHub, if people would like to explore it locally.