Just beginning with Django/Python - website building

Dear community, I am a hobby programmer and worked so far with drupal and wordpress. I now want to learn Python, especially how to create Python-based websites with Django. I think I need some help to get started: first in finding a suitable hoster… great would be some recommendations, I am quite massive newbie and really have no idea where to start… do I really need, to put a Django based website online, at least a “managed server” (that’s what a2 said)? Are there no providers that offer a small “all-around” package, similar to php-based websites? I mean, so far, I just uploaded i.e. Drupal, created a database and then installed Drupal using that database… i guess, for Django, its a little bit more complex?
Thanks for your help, BD

To start, see the discussions at How can buid binary referral user registeration website by django and creating a page with a portfolio of images and articles.

And as I always recommend, start with either (or both!) of the Official Django Tutorial or the Django Girls Tutorial.

If you’re looking ahead to deployment issues, see the docs at How to deploy Django | Django documentation | Django.