Source of sample templates

A friend wants me to build a website for his photography business. What is a good source of sample templates? I am a complete noob.

Are you looking for something like this? I’d just Google free django templates.

Do you have a software development background?

Any history of programming in Python?

If not, Django may not be the best framework for you to do this. If you’re looking to get something set up and out the door, you may be better served by working with something like WordPress or Drupal.

Django isn’t the type of tool where you just install a template on a system, enter in some content, and you’re done. It’s more like the type of tool you would use to build something like that.

If you’re still interested in pursuing Django as your solution, I always recommend people start out with either or both of the Official Django Tutorial and the Django Girls tutorial .

There are also lots of other materials out there.

A good resource for finding resources is the Awesome Django page , in this case you’ll be looking for the Educational section .

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Looks like a good start. Thanks

Thanks for the resource.

BTW, I could develop this with PHP or with WordPress but want to try Django

Cool - your background is somewhat similar to mine. Not exactly what I would describe as


I do strongly recommend working your way through one of those two tutorials. Django is not Drupal or WordPress. If you try to rely upon the thought patterns and mindsets that served you well in those areas, you will find yourself getting confused.

Part of the learning curve is going to be unlearning just about everything you learned in Drupal. My personal perspective on it is that the whole “page construction” model is turned inside-out. (Note: I believe this was more true in Drupal 5 and 6 - when I was seriously working with it. My understanding is that that perspective is less true now. If you’re more familiar with Drupal 8+, it may not be as drastic a change.)

I started with the polls tutorial but ran into a glitch I could not solve. I’ll go back to it later. I’m going through a book and will try some other tutorials.

Whatever tutorials you use, try to ensure they address the most recent major release (3.x). There’s a lot of old information out there.

Also, we happily answer questions and difficulties people experience with the official tutorial.

I will return to the official tutorial later today.

BTW, I live in Cambodia but originally from LA.