Missing translations in pt (Portuguese)

I found many missing translations in language code pt (Portuguese). Most of them are not missing in pt_BR. I would like them to be translated from English or at least copy the pt_BR version. For example I’m using FileExtensionValidator, and the default message is in English and not translated to Portuguese. I don’t speak Portuguese myself and therefore I don’t want to join the Portuguese team. But I would like the pt language to be complete.

I noticed that the pt translation is not correct and many strings are not translated. For example if you check django/django/blob/main/django/conf/locale/pt/LC_MESSAGES/django.po and compare it to django/django/blob/main/django/conf/locale/pt_BR/LC_MESSAGES/django.po, search for “week” (and also month/year) and you see the difference. The result is that filters with times are not translated to Portuguese and remain in English.

If the pt language is not actively managed by anyone, at least maybe you can take the pt_BR as it is and copy to pt? It’s better than the current situation I think.

You can see for example in the tests of my website: speedy-net/speedy-net/blob/main/speedy/core/accounts/tests/test_models.py#L1021 , that the Portuguese terms are in English (otherwise the tests fail).


I wonder if I should not simply wipe any current pt team member on Transifex. I see that for other teams too: there is a coordinator and team members, but nobody translates anything for months or years. Maybe it would be clearer if the team is emptied, so at least people passing by see that there is a need for translators. Thoughts?

I think a member that haven’t logged in for 6 months, should be inactive. But they should be able to activate themselves if they login.

Regarding the coordinator, maybe 3 months or at least check that the language translations are acceptable. Otherwise publish that we need a coordinator.


We temporarily fixed this issue on Speedy Net with the following line:

translation('pt')._fallback = translation('pt-br')

This can be seen on https://github.com/speedy-net/speedy-net/blob/main/speedy/core/patches/locale_patches.py.