Python vs Django Platform

As we all know there are several different bootcamps where we can learn Django and Python. Most individuals have concerned, about is there are any bootcamps where they can learn both Python and Django as both are related to each other. I have seen various post regarding Django here in this community. I have also seen this post where author published and list too many article where you can learn Python my concern is that, can we learn Django on same platform.
What do you think about it?

I haven’t come across a bootcamp that has both, though Django resources sometimes include a bit of python for context so if you are set on learning both Django + Python for whatever project you have in mind, I’d recommend starting with Django tutorials/resources because you can backfill the Python based on what you come across that you don’t understand. This is sort of what I ended up doing, and I think it’s a decent strategy if you don’t end up finding a bootcamp that meets your needs. (But if you do find a bootcamp that encompasses both subjects, definitely let us know; I’d like to hear about it, and I’m sure others would too.)

Good luck!