Tutorial: How to Combine Frontend and Backend (For Python Web Developers)

For many Python web developers, how to make frontend and backend work together is a confusing issue.

So I write this blog post to talk about the solutions.

After reading, you will learn the six different ways to combine the frontend and backend, and the pros and cons.

Some techs I will talk about in this blog post:

  1. SPA
  2. SSR, Rehydration
  3. SSG (Jamstack)
  4. Hybrid mode
  5. Hypernova

How to Combine Frontend and Backend (For Python Web Developers)


Hello @michael-yin,

Excellent post, very interesting. But as a newcomer, I am not sure which solution will work best for what I am trying to build.

I will try to describe it:

I am wanting to create a front-end UI (maybe using Bootstrap as a base template) and back-end (maybe Django + Python3) to build a web application that can interact with a database (maybe Postgres) and basically track projects perusers, have the option to query as many details via the UI about the projects each user works on, have an output about the status or progress for each user and each project they own, some sort of dashboard, with a list of defined steps, and if one of the steps needs to be skipped, have options for special permission, forcing users to comment why the step needs to be skipped, I want to start very basic and then later add more functionality. Suggestions?

Thank you in advance,

What have you done or built using Django so far? What have you already learned about how a framework like Django works? (For example, are you familiar with the request/response cycle involved in web page retrieval?)

I always recommend people start with either or both of the Official Django Tutorial and the Django Girls Tutorial.

If you haven’t done either of those yet, they make a good starting point.

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Hello @KenWhitesell,

I haven’t built anything on Django yet, I have created Python3 scripts for network automation, I have installed and customized Bootstrap themes, and have some understanding of HTML and CSS. I have an understanding of deploying Linux, Data Bases, and other software in containers such as LXD and Docker.

I will start there with the suggestions you have provided and continue moving forward.

I really appreciate the comments and resources.


Thanks a lot for such kind of useful information. I really appeciate this post, it will really help lots of people.
Thanks again.