what is best course

pleas tell me best course in youtube , i am new member and i dont want to lose my time

This is a relative question. People will answer with preferred tutor (which may not necessary be the best).


My recommendation is always to work your way through either (or both!) the Official Django Tutorial and the Django Girls Tutorial.

If you want more ideas beyond those two, check out the Educational resources on the Awesome Django page.


If you’re asking for a specific free YouTube video, you’ll have to go through them yourself most likely since any answer here will be subjective. Generally, I would look for a specific topic and try to find the most recent one. You can look at thumbs-ups as well to gauge how good it is but ultimately, you’ll have to do what many of us have done over the past and that’s go through them and see which ones help you the most.

I’m partial to Traversy videos on web dev stuff but you’ll have to decide if you like it or not.