Where to find some easy issues to work with ?

Hello everyone ! :smiley:
I am Zahid , 3rd year B.tech student in India. I wanted to participate in GSOC 2020. I love coding and wants to contribute to the community. I have gone through the how to contribute doc and exploring the codebase for a while but i am confused from where do I start. Could you suggest me which section of this huge code is easy to start with ??? :sweat_smile:

Hi Zahid. Welcome.

Good question. There’s a lot of code.

The best way I think is to browse the issue tracker by component. Here’s a link to the open Template system issues. (You can adjust that to look at different components.)

You need to pick an issue that seems interesting and then spend some time trying to really understand it.
A bit of time investigating and you’ll have learnt a bit about a bit of the code. — The key is to have a specific issue to focus on, otherwise it can be overwhelming.

Hopefully that gives you something to get started with.

Happy to help with concrete issues once you’re in the code too.

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